I really enjoyed being the first person to make etchings with Kylie Blackley and printing at TOP. She is a good communicator and itʼs a nice community to work in. I feel happy about the way I feel excited by how my art is developing. I have been studying more art on my own too since working in the studio.
— Helen Sheferaw


Helen grew up in Ethiopia and understands herself as a Pentecostal Christian. Dominant themes across her body of work are spirituality, deliverance and purification. From illustrative interpretations of key biblical readings to joyful and eclectic images drawn from her everyday world and memory, Helen includes East African perspectives on feminity, ceremonial community events or environmental elements such as animals and plants.

Helen joined the Artists in Residence program in early 2012. Having worked solidly in the studio with TOP’s printmakers, Helen has produced a wonderfully quirky body of work that pays heed her background in the fashion industry through her use of colour and design, bringing her energetic style into an exploration of narrative across different print forms. She works in zinc and copperplate etching, multiple point and dry point etching, silk screen printing, lino cut, and woodblock reduction.

In addition to working in fashion design and production at The Social Studio, Helen's lyrical visual language has developed steadily over the recent years of her time in the Artists in Residence program at TOP. Having studied design in Ethiopia and at RMIT University in Melbourne, Helen brings a strong sense of colour, pattern and design to her print work.


25 SEP - 3 OCT 2015: It Came From Over There

19 SEP - 5 OCT 2014: Total Eclipse

12 - 22 DEC 2013: Retrospective

17 - 30 OCT 2013: Waters are come in unto my soul (solo)

OCT 2012: Koskela showroom in Sydney

16 AUG - 9 SEP 2012: