The studio is a place to experience or explore to come out with different thoughts and ideas and also it is a relaxing place to make friends too.
— Julius Bright Sackey


Sackey began his career as a visual artist in Ghana by creating cement wall sculptures as well as commercial sign lettering and designs. Introduced to printmaking in the Artists in Residence program at The Ownership Project in 2011, Sackey quickly established his first body of work titled Akwantu (departure), reflecting both on his journey into a new artistic medium and his experience starting a new life as an artist in Australia. Many of Sackey's woodblock prints reference traditional Adinkra symbols of the Ashanti region in Ghana. Sackey is also a core performer in Asanti Dance Theatre.

Sackey's next body of work, new etchings, are currently in development.


25 SEPT - 3 OCT 2015: It Came From Over There

12 - 22 DEC 2013: 2013 Retrospective

OCT 2013: Koskela showroom in Sydney

31 MAR - 15 APR 2012: Akwantu (solo exhibition)