Fachada: an exhibition by Maria Peña

Photo of Maria by Tamaryn Goodyear

Maria Peña joined TOP’s Artist in Residence program in early 2012 bringing a years of painting experience to her work in the print studio. Having studied fine arts in Bogotá, Colombia, Peña has continued her artistic practice living in Melbourne with a strong interest in hybrid identities and new cultures with reference to the Latin-American diaspora. Peña’s ongoing work with paint, fabric and mixed media installations assert what she describes as ‘spaces for memory’, detailing the ‘remembrances and oblivions’ of a lost home. During her residency in the TOP studio, Maria continued her exploration into memory and place, experimenting with different textural possibilities through various print mediums.

Fachada exhibition

14 November  - 2 December 2012

Here and there, Maria Peña, Reduction woodblock on Magnani paper, 2012.

Inspired by the facades of old colonial buildings in rural Columbia, Peña’s selected paintings and new print works explore the memory of place and the textured memory. Scenes of decaying walls, brittle frameworks and peeling doors invite us to imagine past lives and rustic histories while evoking the fragile and layered nature of remembering place itself.

Opening event: Wednesday 14 November, 6-8pm at The Ownership Project gallery.