Roxana Fuentes

It was important for me to be in contact with art and producing printmaking pieces. Iʼd like to be involved in more projects like this.
— Roxana Fuentes


For Roxana Fuentes, art is a spiritual expression of what is given to her in the very moment of creative activity. Experimenting with different techniques provide a new source of happiness to her, having recently started learning traditional printing techniques. Roxana loves colours as much that she lets her feelings playfully decide over the combination of colours for her prints.

For Roxana, imagination is not intellectual, the essence of being human is subconscious and therefore an intellectual reading of art puts an end to this sublime creative impulse. She sees art as an expression of the subconscious which is not dominated by the mind.

Leaving Chile for Australia at age 26, with Bachelor of Education and English as a Foreign Language qualifications at the ready, Roxana has worked as a teacher, as well as written and produced works for theatre. Roxana then studied Chinese medicine and philosophy, as well as spiritual healing and hypnosis. Her curiosity is unbroken in exploring new areas of knowledge and unknown ways of expression. Writing a book and a movie script are challenges to come!

Roxana joined the Artists in Residence program in 2014 following her participation in the Arts Victoria-supported Mothers and Ink East African Artists Project in 2012-13. Roxana works in reduction woodblock, and copperplate and zinc plate etching. She is currently working on a series of multi-colour linocut prints.


25 SEPT - 3 OCT 2015: It Came From Over There

20 FEB - 14 MAR 2015: Offcuts

19 SEP - 5 OCT 2014: Total Eclipse

14 - 30 MAR 2014: Of Water and Will

16 MAY - 2 JUN 2013: Mothers and Ink