Shakara Montalto

Shakara Montalto began her visual arts practice through making work with Gunditjmara aesthetics for her community wellbeing work. Shakara joined the Artists in Residence program in 2014 after completing a varied, beautiful body of etchings, linocut and woodblock prints for the City of Yarra-supported Indigenous Artists Project in 2013. Shakara is a proud Gunditjmara and Italian artist and community health worker.

'I have no formal education or training in art. My style is typically line work, and I learnt this as a young girl from watching my mother do art. I also learned from visits and research on my mob that line work was predominantly used down my people's way. I would definitely say that line work is my passion and something that I really enjoy doing. I do many art pieces as part of my current job and it is used on things such as the new website, newsletters, pamphlets, resources etc. I would love to eventually do some training in art but at this time I am working full-time, studying part-time and raising a family but I would definitely like to achieve some sort of formal training in the future.'

Things that motivate me are to be able to represent my mob down at Lake Condah, Gunditjmara, and to be an inspiration for other community members. I also like to be a positive role model for my son and include culture throughout anything I do, especially when it come to art or anything creative. Traditionally, line work was practiced by my ancestors from the Gunditjmara region and I would like to continue practicing those ancient techniques.
— Shakara Montalto

Shakara's distinctive etchings were recently celebrated with the Highly Commended Artist Award, judged by an Aboriginal arts industry-representative panel. She exhibited alongside fellow resident artists in Total Eclipse, within the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014. Her next body of work is currently in development.


25 SEPT - 3 OCT 2015: It Came From Over There

19 SEPT - 5 OCT 2014: Total Eclipse

12 - 22 DEC 2013: 2013 Retrospective

30 NOV - 8 DEC 2013: Clan and Country