UB Lee

After graduating from a printmaking degree at Chugye University of Arts in Korea UB migrated to Australia with her partner. Since completing the required rural working time, UB has settled in Melbourne and begun to seek out grass root and activist communities who have traditionally used expressionist and mural inspired woodcut designs.

Global issues like refugee experience, climate change, workers’ rights and regional classifications combine and interact through a well-trained figurative practice. These diverse subjects draw on Eastern and Western traditions, the technical language of printmaking and a resourceful independence that knows when to disregard many conventions.

Internationally UB has completed mural, performance and screen printing projects. Locally she has worked on commissions for Friends of the Earth, initiated a major series of workshops resulting in touring exhibitions and created a Fringe Festival interactive print performance. Working as an artist, arts coordinator and arts educator, UB continues to refine an arts practice that engages and draws commonality between people and place.